President Boris

Boris Johnson, as I understand it, was born in New York, which gave him automatic US citizenship. I think I read that he had abandoned that since. If not, however, and even if so, would his American birth entitle him – now he’s about to become jobless in Britain – to offer himself for election as US President; as a further giant step towards his well-known childhood ambition of becoming ‘world king’? Apparently the Americans find the British upper classes quite lovable. Johnson might be a more acceptable idiot there than Trump. And it would mean that we Brits would be properly rid of him. Just a thought.

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3 Responses to President Boris

  1. A while ago, Americans did go to quite a bit of trouble getting rid of British men in positions of power in their part of the world.


  2. mickc says:

    I’m not sure the Americans do find the British, presumably English rather than British, lovable. Amusing, then tiresome seems more likely.


  3. John Evans says:

    Bernard, I very much doubt that the US would want him back- but it would certainly be good to be rid of him. Given the wheeling and dealing of his father in matters of residency/citizenship, it probably would not surprise us to see him trying the same games! Good riddance.

    Take care, hope you are well!

    John E



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