The Madness of Brexit

From an American sympathiser:

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6 Responses to The Madness of Brexit

  1. mickc says:

    My criticism wasn’t referring to you, I hope I wouldn’t be so uncivil, but the article you linked to.

    We can only vote for what’s on offer. The choice has certainly been between various self seeking mediocrities. The last time I voted was in the election that Corbyn almost won. I voted Labour because Corbyn is honest. I have not voted since (Corbyn’s acceptance of Starmer’s stance meant I didn’t vote at all). In fact, I wrote “none of the above” on my ballot paper; I want to cast a vote but not for any of those on offer.

    Yes the Johnson government was democratically elected…under our system… In my view Labour voters, the “Red Wall” voted to get him as PM “to get Brexit done”. They won’t vote Conservative again. So it’ll be Starmer…just as bad.


  2. John Evans says:

    Hello B Bernard, Have you read/recorded Fintan O’Toole’s book – Brexit – Heroic Failure…The Politics of Pain…..worth a look, from outside. Hope all well with you. Best regards John Evans



  3. mickc says:

    Sorry, yet again another article saying ” the idiots made the wrong choice…they should have listened to us, cleverer, better people….”
    The Remoaners are the modern harrumphers, but complaining about the loss of the EU, rather than the Empire.
    Yes, Britain isn’t doing well. Neither is any other Western country, including the EU. They’ve all been led by self seeking, mediocrities with no idea about anything except their own advancement. The current crop are, if anything, worse.
    But things change. Reality impacts. It already has in the Ukraine, and probably will shortly in the Far East.


    • 1. I’ve never suggested that Brexiters were stupid, and in fact have gone to great lengths to dissociate myself from that slur, spelled out in detail in my last two books. But it’s necessary to show how Brexit appears to others: hence that American quote. (2) If we’re now led by ‘self-seeking mediocrities’, who was it that put them there? If Brexit was the ‘democratic’ decision you say it was, surely the Johnson government was equally so? – I have a far better explanation for both these situations, which doesn’t rely on a belief in the people’s ‘stupidity’ and on Remainers’ superior wisdom. That’s in my books too. I’d prefer a critique of that on this blog, rather than of opinions and attitudes I don’t share.


  4. Johnson and his supporters have done far more damage to the UK than Trump did to the US. Thus far, at least.


  5. This article makes for shocking and depressing reading.


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