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What is Brexit Really About?

For any historical event, there are usually several layers of explanation, interacting with one another. In the case of Brexit I wouldn’t like to claim that what I offer below is the only explanation, but it’s worth considering, among all … Continue reading

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‘Boris Will Always Let You Down’

Good to see my old student Keith Simpson MP, saying this on TV yesterday: Keith was one of my favourite early students, despite our political differences, and the fact that in my courses on British history I didn’t cover the … Continue reading

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Which Side is He On?

I really can’t understand what’s not to like about Corbyn. But that’s possibly because I see a lot of me in him. And I wouldn’t make a good PM either. Some recent criticisms of him seem simply ludicrous: wonky glasses, pronouncing … Continue reading

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Randy Andy and Bonking Boris

What fun it has been over the past couple of days! Firstly that excruciating interview with the Duke of York over his relations with the American billionaire and convicted serial paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Then, the following evening, an investigation into … Continue reading

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Back to My Teens

Man (in the non-gendered sense) cannot live by politics alone; and to relieve the unmitigated horror that is the present Brexit situation, I’ve been digging back into my adolescent interests and enthusiasms for comfort and escape. A search in my … Continue reading

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The Russia File

As Hilary Clinton says, it’s disgraceful that No.10 refuses to release the findings of its enquiry into Russian meddling in British politics until after the election. Putin’s motive, of course, is to destroy the EU; as is his ally Trump’s. … Continue reading

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Dirty Tricks

The Conservative Party’s most recent fabrication was revealed almost as soon as it was published: (It was a doctored video to suggest that Kier Starmer was stumped by a question on Brexit, when in fact he had given a … Continue reading

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