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The ‘New’ Anti-Semitism

The row about anti-semitism in the Labour Party has broken out again:; and with no more reason or judgment behind it than was displayed when it was last aired a few months ago – see my earlier posts. Here … Continue reading

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Diplomacy Trump Style

Apparently Trump’s ‘tough advice’ to Theresa May, which she rejected, was to stop negotiating with the EU and ‘sue’ it instead: That’s the aggressive businessman speaking. But in any case, how does a nation ‘sue’ an alliance of which it is … Continue reading

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Trump in London

Yesterday’s disastrous visit of the American President must enormously weaken the hand – or at least the argument – of the Brexiteers among us. They were relying on a trade deal with the USA to compensate for our lost ‘free … Continue reading

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Blood and Loyalty

Well, that was quite a nail-biter, wasn’t it? (England’s penalty shoot-out against Colombia, for anyone who’s been off-planet for the past 24 hours.) I was surprised how thrilled I was, having told everyone that I’ve backed Sweden to win the … Continue reading

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