Blood and Loyalty

Well, that was quite a nail-biter, wasn’t it? (England’s penalty shoot-out against Colombia, for anyone who’s been off-planet for the past 24 hours.) I was surprised how thrilled I was, having told everyone that I’ve backed Sweden to win the World Cup final this year. (At 150:1. If I win it will enable us to buy a new boat.) That’s mainly out of political principle, of course, and in anticipation of my being granted Swedish citizenship shortly.

But perhaps blood really is thicker than any of these things. Mine – on my father’s side – is illiterate East Saxon peasant through and through, and for centuries so far as I and my family-history expert friend Sylvie can find out; although with poor Essex having been continually raped and pillaged by those Viking bastards (some from Sweden, I’m sure) a thousand years ago, I shouldn’t be surprised if I have some Nordic blood too. (I can imagine a sweet innocent little rosy-cheeked Saxon ancestor of mine being taken advantage of by a hunky Dane.) I must take one of those DNA tests to see.

On the other hand, it has been pointed out several times that the English team is a very multi-ethnic one, which means that at least I’m not being racist, or Ukippy, by supporting it. Here are some examples: – That’s my England! A great vibrant mix of peoples. Always has been, ever since the dastardly Danes.

It remains to be seen which team I’ll be supporting more when England meet Sweden on Saturday in the next round. I’ll let you know.

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8 Responses to Blood and Loyalty

  1. Bernard, I am sorry that you seem to have gone off the air at this very exciting and fraught time in British politics.


    • Sorry Philip – I’ve been away without my laptop. Just returned from Edinburgh. Yes it’s all gone crazy here; I’m keeping one eye on the TV during Trump’s visit. (Isn’t that ‘Baby Trump’ balloon terrific?) Once I’ve got my breath back I hope to resume blogging. But what more can one say that hasn’t already been said…?
      About the football I feel quite relaxed. Croatia were better. Our (multicultural) lads did better than predicted.


  2. Was it a case of Brexit England defeating Sweden? Will May be able to luxuriate in the limelight of an English victory?


  3. Phil Hardy says:

    At Elland Road, if a former player returns with another club, and if we like/rate him and wish he’d come back, then we chant “you’re Leeds and you know you are”.

    Bernard, you are England, and you know you are.

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  4. Stankers says:

    Do you remember Norman Tebbit’s cricket test in days of yore, asking people of West Indian descent which team they would support – England or the ‘Windies’ – to prove their British ‘credentials’?

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