Diplomacy Trump Style

Apparently Trump’s ‘tough advice’ to Theresa May, which she rejected, was to stop negotiating with the EU and ‘sue’ it instead: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/jul/15/theresa-may-donald-trump-told-me-to-sue-the-eu. That’s the aggressive businessman speaking. But in any case, how does a nation ‘sue’ an alliance of which it is part? I look forward to his suing NATO.

Note also that, on being asked about the protests against him in Britain, he replied ‘Some of them are protesting in my favour, you know that? There are many, many protests in my favour.’ Sheer delusion. Most observers counted only about six pro-Trump placards.

I rather like John Cleese’s explanation of this. Trump is ‘pronoid’. Pronoid is the opposite of paranoid. A paranoiac is someone who thinks everyone is out to get him or her, without any basis in reality. A pronoiac is someone who thinks everyone loves them, also without any basis in reality. (See https://twitter.com/JohnCleese/status/1017753969416921088.)

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4 Responses to Diplomacy Trump Style

  1. It is hard to know if Trump is delusional or merely a reflexive and inveterate liar.

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  2. TJ says:

    Trump is certainly delusional though, and seems to have developed the capacity to create, or ‘own’ his own reality reinforced by blatant lying (alternative facts). This encourages everyone to do the same unfortunately, selecting facts to fit their case while the reciprocity of civilised public discourse dies but ‘everyone can have their own opinion, but not there own facts’ (Danial Moynihan)

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  3. Trump is surely an extraordinary historical phenomenon: no-one quite like him has ever been in such a position of authority in a powerful nation, at least not during this epoch. It is a very worrying sign.

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