I’ve never posted on a ‘fan’ site before. But the other day I did. It was on Miriam Margolyes’ fan site. She’s been much in the public eye these days, especially through her outrageous TV interviews, and her recent autobiography.

I had a very early memory of her that I thought her fans would enjoy. As they did: to the tune of over 2,000 ‘likes’ and comments so far. Which she thoroughly deserves: I love her as much as any of her fans do, not only for her acting and humour, but also for her politics – Left, Corbynite, and more pro-Palestinian than many Jews. On the other hand I felt a bit miffed that a rude story about her should get all that appreciation, when my serious posts about the undermining of our liberties and the approachng end of the world get four or five responses, at best.

(Not really, of course. I know how these things work.)

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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