Is This the Way it Ends?

Brexit is a disaster, corruption is rife, the Government is incompetent, plague stalks the land, and people are being blown to bits trying to escape from Kabul. So Michael Gove decides to make a fool of himself. (Having apparently refused to pay the £5 entrance fee: ‘Don’t you know I’m the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster?’)

Good grief. That it should come to this…

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2 Responses to Is This the Way it Ends?

  1. At least the consequences of Gove’s dancing are not quite as devastating as Brexit, the Taliban, COVID and the fatal incompetence of the Johnson government.

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  2. John Evans says:

    The good citizens around Chobham and Surrey Heath constituency will be wondering who they really voted for……… now that Gove is a single man it might be a case of lock uo your grand-daughters….if he follows Boris’ example? J


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