Dan Dare, Anti-Imperialist?

So even our intrepid 1950s space pilot knew it (see my last Post but one)! This is from the Eagle, 17 December 1960. It’s in a story called ‘Mission of the Earthmen’, which is redolent of the British liberal-imperial values of the time. Someone ought to write a research paper on it. I would, if I had time.

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5 Responses to Dan Dare, Anti-Imperialist?

  1. mickc says:

    New to your blog, but not your books. I was introduced to your work via the notes of another work, can’t remember which but possibly Darwin.
    I particularly liked the books you describe as having bombed, and naturally The Absent Minded Imperialists. I imagine the “bombed” books did so because their main idea was simply politically unpalatable to the majority of people at that time.
    Do you/have you reviewed “200 years of muddling through”? I would be interested in your views.

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    • Thankyou! I’m afraid I’ve not yet read ‘200 Years’, and in fact hadn’t heard of it before your message. (It’s difficult to keep completely in touch from an island in the Baltic!) I must look into it…


      • mickc says:

        It looks to be more “popular” than academic but I’ll definitely buy it…once the price drops a bit. Doesn’t help authors’ bank accounts, but certainly helps mine.

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  2. John Evans says:

    I will need to look this up in my Eagle Annuals at home.!


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