A ‘Free Press’? You Must Be Joking

Anyone who still thinks that we have a free press in Britain, in any meaningful sense, should watch this.


It’s old, but telling. – In fact our press is about as ‘free’ as the Mafia was in 1920s America, and in much the same way. The Daily Mail has long been our substitute for, or equivalent of, Fascism on the Continent – English, lower-middle class, family-centred, nostalgic, superficially friendly, but also prejudiced, hostile towards the weak, and dangerous; followed closely by the Express and the Sun. Hence our disgracefully low placing on most current global indexes of ‘press freedom’, which I’ve noted before: https://bernardjporter.com/2017/04/30/press-freedom/.

The right-wing press isn’t the cause of all our current national poison; but it’s the conduit through which it flows.

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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1 Response to A ‘Free Press’? You Must Be Joking

  1. Tony says:

    In press reflects and reinforces the prejudices of its readers, and most people buy the paper or read the website that does this (even Guardian readers) But the influence of the right wing press is greater because the BBC, whose standards have fallen lamentably, allow them to set the news agenda in their own chase for ratings, just another example of ‘churnalism.’

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