And in Sweden…

‘Anti-semitism’ on the Left is an issue here in Sweden too.

Again, it’s the Social Democrats’ sympathy for the Palestinians that appears to lie at the root of the charge.

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5 Responses to And in Sweden…

  1. kstankers5 says:

    Again, confusing the official Israeli Government policy (which actually many Jews oppose – does that make them anti-Semitic, too??) with anti-Semitism – which, for me at least, is hostlity towards Jews, individually and collectively, because of their ethnicity. I have Jewish friends back in the UK who abhor the way the State of Israel treats the Palestinians.

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    • Yes. My partner’s daughter works for a wonderful Swedish-Jewish philanthropist who is working for Jewish-Arab reconciliation. I believe the term for them on the Israeli Right is ‘self-hating Jew’.

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      • kstankers5 says:

        And I’ve always admired the efforts of conductor/pianist Daniel Barenboim, in tandem with the late Edward Said, with the formation of his ‘East-West Divan Orchestra’ – incidentally a superb orchestra in their own right!

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      • Right. Robert Weil (our philanthropist friend) brought him and his orchestra over to Stockholm a few years ago. They played a concert in the Berwaldhalle. Wonderful; hard to credit they’re mainly students. There was a Swedish TV programme about the orchestra at about the same time. Uplifting.


  2. Thank you for the article, Bernard; I did however struggle with the Swedish I have to concede.

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