Another exciting week coming up. As a politics junkie, I have ‘Parliament’ on my TV all day. Unfortunately on Thursday, when we might see the climax – (May resigning? Her deal getting through? No deal? The sort of compromise – Corbyn’s, perhaps – she has been unable even to consider hitherto? The Brexit loonies imploding? The promise of a new referendum? Or the calling of a General Election?) – I’ll be up in the sky on my way back to Stockholm. I don’t suppose I’ll be able to get Parliament TV there.

Last night on Newsnight  Steven Baker, May’s Brexit minister, talked of the ‘danger’ of Parliament’s seizing control of Brexit from the government. But isn’t the legislature meant to control the executive? Or was all my 17thcentury British constitutional history at university wasted on me?

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  1. John Field says:

    RE: Legislative control of executive in parliamentary system, last night we watched 2017 film version of “Charles III” stage play on PBS. Assuming you know the piece, wouldn’t you agree it shows some striking, albeit unintended(?), foreshadowing of aspects of the Brexit mess.

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