How Did This Happen? By Jonathan Pie

This just about sums it up (from around 2 minutes on).

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2 Responses to How Did This Happen? By Jonathan Pie

  1. Very amusing performance. However, Pie’s is a sanitised version of the reasons for Brexit. There is only the briefest mention of migration when it needs to be centre stage in any analysis of the current demand for Brexit in the UK.
    Two of the top three of May’s 12 priorities for her negotiations with the EU 27 were based on anti-migration sentiments.
    Here are the first three of these priorities as set out by The Guardian in January 2017.
    “May made it clear that the UK would:
    1. Take back control of borders, arguing that record levels of migration had “put pressure on public services”
    2. No longer be under the jurisdiction of the European court of justice, because “we will not have truly left the European Union if we are not in control of our own laws”
    3. “Explicitly rule out membership of the EU’s single market” because that is incompatible with migration controls.”
    There is a rising tide of the right across the globe and racism has pride of place in its engine room. Ignoring it in order to flatter its adherents is an unhelpful form of denialism.

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