I’ve always especially despised those who take on positions of responsibility without having any of the necessary qualities for the job. I include myself in this category: I should have known how hopeless I would be as a Head of Department before I took the role on. I used to think that John Major was the best modern political example, until Theresa May – ‘Theresa the Hapless’, as she’s called in today’s Guardian – came along. Stiff, inflexible, narrow-minded, shallow, unimaginative and prejudiced (against immigrants): all of which I think justifies our regarding her as ‘stupid’, even if she did get an Oxford degree. And actually rather wicked to boot (as Home Secretary), despite her vicar dad. She’s not the sole or original cause of our present crisis; but my God she hasn’t helped.

And that’s emphatically not because she’s a woman. All it says is that women can be as bad as men in these situations; which ought to be a welcome sign of gender equality. (Please note, my feminist friends.)

Almost everyone, including her own MPs, thinks she should resign the leadership. The main obstacles to that are the likely replacements standing in the wings, all quivering with ambition. Would Boris, Moggy or Govey be any better? One shudders at the thought.

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