More Corbyn-Bashing

Here we go again:;

seventeen pages (apparently) in today’s Mail on Sunday, going on about Corbyn – this time his personal life, rather than his careers as terrorist sympathiser, Soviet spy or anti-Semite – in the way we’ve grown to expect from this appalling Right-wing – even proto-Fascist – ‘news’paper. Surely they’re overplaying their hand? Won’t readers of the Mail be bored by all this, at the very least? How much purchase can overt and obvious propaganda of this kind possibly have on the majority of people?

Possibly a lot, which is my great fear. Britons don’t realise how unfree our much vaunted ‘free’ press is: propaganda-sheets simply, owned by expatriate tax-avoiding millionaires, with Right-wing agendas of their own, and no respect for ‘balance’ or even ‘truth’. There’s nothing quite like this in any of the other countries I’ve lived in, even the USA (in its print media) and Murdoch’s Australia – although I’m open to correction here; certainly not in my current home of Sweden. All recent efforts to reform our British press have largely failed – Leveson Stage 2 among them – partly because the press lords control the narrative; and may even ‘have something on’ the politicians. Hence Britain’s low standing in most Indexes of national press freedom. (See Which in its turn is partly responsible for the rotten state of our also much-vaunted ‘democracy’.

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  1. TJ says:

    The Mail papers have become even closer to the Tory Party under its new editors, and this recycled stuff on Corbyn could have been dumped on readers at any time, so perhaps they have been put on general election watch. The Tories have been buying advertising space and making sure all candidates are in place, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an election in the summer soon after May’s great ‘triumph’ in getting her deal through, but before the pigeons come home to roost and to kill off any leadership threats despite her promises to go ‘before 2022’.

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