Cold Comfort

Back in Stockholm, where there’s at least 20 cm. of snow, but life goes on as normal. That’s socialism for you! – Has this got something to do with the fact that northerly countries are generally more socialist than southern ones? Scandinavia, Scotland, North Korea, Russia, the northern states of the USA, Canada…. They need some social democracy (or worse) in order to keep them warm? Some geopolitical academics must have touched on this. I seem to remember Toynbee did. – OK, too reductionist.

And the snow, being normal, hardly gets a mention in this morning’s Dagens Nyheter. As neither does Brexit; which is a great relief to me, just off the plane from our mad little Brexit-obsessed country. I’ll be commenting on this again later, mainly in defence – again – of Corbyn’s master strategy, as I see it. (More in hope…)

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  1. TJ says:

    Corbyn’s main aim, with I sympathise, is to allow the Tories to fully own the disaster of Brexit and pay the political price, but Labour is 7 points behind the Tories in poll to-day which is probably a comment on JCs quiescent leadership strategy and obvious Brexit sympathies.


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