This is unanswerable. By a leading economist (one of Michael Gove’s ‘experts’). It’s thoroughly worth reading. I wish I’d written it.

It’s a nightmare, isn’t it? Nearly everyone abroad sees this clearly. But it’s hard for us British to see a way out of it. We’re being forced by a group of privileged ex-public school eccentrics, drunk on fantasies born of the old Empire and ‘how we won the war’, aided by rank corruption, and backed up by an ignorant, neglected, resentful and potentially violent mob, into an existential national change for the worse, which will impoverish most of us, materially and spiritually, and – which should be of more significance for the public school elite, who are already siphoning their own riches abroad, so that they won’t be materially affected – will enormously diminish Britain’s standing in the world, and has already reduced this ‘once proud nation’ (sic) to a laughing stock. Can’t they see this?

Anyhow: there are some interesting Parliamentary debates to watch on telly today, with MPs trying to dig the steely Theresa May out of the hole she’s made for herself. Then – for me – back to Sweden, and some relief from the mardröm, if only for a while.

Then there’ll be time for us to reflect on what it all signifies for our very imperfect ‘democracy’.

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3 Responses to Nightmare

  1. Corbyn is calling for a snap election, which would result in Labour’s annihilation. His handling of Brexit has – understandably – sunk to new depths in regard to public perceptions, according to the most recent polling. His progressives policies needed to be accompanied by unequivocal support of EU membership. The risk of supporting a second referendum had to be taken, but he has dithered and lost.

    “The Labour Party slumped by six points from 40 per cent to 34 per cent in the past fortnight, according to a survey by Opinium for The Observer, seeing them leapfrogged by the Conservatives who went from 37 per cent to 41 per cent. Public approval of Mr Corbyn’s personal handling of Brexit also fell to a new low of 16 per cent, from 18 per cent two weeks previously.” [The Independent]


  2. The article puts Corbyn’s insipid ‘leadership’ in full relief. What was required form Labour was full-throttle support for a second referendum, instead there is directionless dithering.


  3. Robert says:

    It’s also on SWL’s blog, mainly macro. One of my three favourite politics/ economics blogs (the others being the American current affairs and PP.


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