Swedish Generosity

I am so lucky to have Sweden as my bolt-hole from Brexit Britain. The Swedish Minister for the EU, Ann Linde, has just reassured us expats that, whatever happens in the Brexit negotiations, we’re safe, so far as our new adopted home is concerned. We’ll be allowed to live, study, work and even retire here, with all the benefits – like healthcare – we enjoyed under the EU. That’s as long as we’ve lived here for a period already.

What especially pleased me was the impression she gave, in a radio interview that can be heard here – https://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=2054&artikel=7119825 – that she welcomes and even loves us 30,000 immigrant Brits. Of course we are mostly an asset to her country. But all the same, what a contrast to Theresa May’s frosty attitude towards EU expats in the UK!

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2 Responses to Swedish Generosity

  1. TJ says:

    Yes, dual nationality is especially valuable if things go the other way and life in Sweden, Germany Poland or wherever becomes intolerable, as it just might if the populist right take over. Eventually one runs of passport destinations or heads for the slightly less awful destination and into Mrs May territory of being ‘citizens of nowhere’, in terms of commitment I guess she meant, and this isn’t sour grapes as apparently I’m eligible for an Irish passport.

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  2. Krzys Stankiewicz says:

    That’s very encouraging! I’m still waiting for the Polish Government to say something similar… My concern is Settled Status and how it will affect the million plus Poles in the UK. For many years I did voluntary work with what I can only describe as linguistically-challenged Poles (many couldn’t even answer simple Security questions over the phone) the vast majority of whom worked in physically-arduous, unpleasant conditions with other EU Nationals (mostly from E. Europe) so the main languages in their workplace were Polish, Romanian, Lithuanian etc. I really can’t see them managing this onerous, unnecessary and – from what I’ve heard – quite challenging on-line Application. Those that ‘fail’ (and this could be many thousands) I fear will be unceremoniously pitched out… And then how will the Polish Authorities react to the Brits here I wonder?

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