The Empire Strikes Back

I thought the age of oratory was over. Our present leaders, after all, are not very good at it: May endlessly repeating the same tired mantra – ‘strong and stable’, ‘will of the people’, ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and so on – and Trump with his boasting and insults. But then, yesterday, came David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, in the House of Commons – speaking in the great Brexit debate – with this. (Click the link down the page.)

Lammy’s parents came from Guyana. You can look up his career on Wiki. He’s a striking example of one of the unintended after-effects of British imperialism abroad, and of the substantial immigration of Africans, West Indians and others into the ‘mother country’ that accompanied the Empire’s fall. Here he’s teaching us – the indigenous British – our own best values, in a way that should be shaming to all racists and Brexiteers. Could he become our first black prime minister?

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