Our Flawed Referendum

Found on Facebook: a highly persuasive letter to her MP by an expert in these matters – an international election observer, no less.


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1 Response to Our Flawed Referendum

  1. TJ says:

    The demand for ‘another’ referendum could be interpreted as a 1) an insult to all people who voted for Brexit in good faith, whether they took any notice of the ‘misinformation’ or not, and now told they got it wrong and need another chance to get it right, 2) the aim of a referendum, as in 1974, is a ‘one off’ a one poll of the people, not intended as a rolling event in the light of new information. Otherwise why not a third referendum or series even , after the details of the two year (estimated) negotiations on the conditions of Brexit are agreed. 3) Referendums undermine parliamentary democracy, and a general election is always preferable at a time like this, which is why Corbyn prefers one.

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