How to Answer a Brexiteer

This is the best response to a Brexiteer I’ve read for a while. Author unknown, but copied by one Fiona Niedermayer and posted on Facebook.

“A private conversation with a brexiloon friend:

Keith [Anon.] – you said this:-

“John, the best you can look forward to is a Transition Period where not only can you mourn the loss of your beloved EUSSR, you can overcome your fear of change.
The worst you can look forward to is paying your taxes for the £350m/week, our laws being dictated by foreign eurocrats, no control of our borders/immigration, maybe the Euro, our military following the orders of foreign Eurocrats, buying OUR fish off Spanish trawlers, oh no I got that wrong, that is the best for you isn’t it. ”

Keith mate, you do seem determined to display your spectacular ignorance on what the European Union is – and how it works. The regurgitation of discredited slogans seems to be all you have – which is quite sad.

1). Beloved EUSSR..?
The only groups with connections to Russia are UKIP and Trump. How does it feel for you to be supporting a pathetically small UK political movement with connections to – and funding from Russia..? Does that make you a patriot..?
EUSSR my arse..!

2). “Paying your taxes for 350m/week”.
I happily pay my six quid a week for all the benefits that membership of the world’s richest and most powerful free trade area give me. The world’s premier free trade area, literally a footstep away. If you can’t afford the cost of a couple of pints just send me your bank details and I’ll cover it for you with a Standing Order.
Paying taxes for 350m/week my arse..!

3). “Laws dictated by foreign eurocrats”.
No laws are dictated by foreign Eurocrats Keith. We’ve had this conversation before haven’t we. Remember..? Remember when you thought you’d played a trump card by mentioning an obscure EU aviation safety directive which limited your overtime and/or earning power..? It was a safety directive Keith – for civil aviation safety. Remember when I pointed out which EU country had proposed this legislation..? That was funny wasn’t it..? The U.K. government was fully in support of this aviation SAFETY directive but you claimed it had been forced on us by the unelected bureaucrats of the unelected EUSSR. Your next card was the “Tampon Tax”. That was a cracker wasn’t it..? A tax on women’s sanitary products that is only imposed now because it was in force in the UK at the point we joined the EU. For the same reason, there is no Tampon Tax in Ireland because they never had it before they joined. Then you played your killer card:- the Working Time Directive. You actually claimed this WTO prevented anyone from working more than 48 hours a week. You really did think that didn’t you..? When I explained that the WTO prevented you from being FORCED to work more than 48 hours a week and proved it, you did astonishingly admit your error. Anyway mate – I see your point. Even though we sit at the top table with France and Germany AND we actually help to draught EU legislation AND we don’t have to adopt any laws if our sovereign parliament reject them, I suppose it’s fair to say that our laws are forced upon us by the unelected Eurocrats of the EUSSR.
Laws dictated by foreign eurocrats my arse..!

4). “No control of our border/immigration”.
That’s quite laughable isn’t it..? I came back from Lanzarote last week. I was in the queue for border control at Gatwick for almost an hour. Had my iris’s scanned and my digital passport checked before I was let in – and I’m White Caucasian Keith..! – although I was sporting a bit of a suntan. I also went to northern France for a few days last month. Had to show passports twice on the way out and twice again on the way back. I’m not even going to bother telling you about the EU regulation that states any EU citizen in the UK for more than 3 months can be told to prove they have the financial means to support themselves AND have private health insurance. It’s an EU law that applies to all 28 countries and is applied in almost all of them. Is the fact that our government don’t bother enforcing this rule the fault of the UK or the EU..?
No control of borders/immigration my arse..!

5).”Maybe the Euro”.
When the Euro was launched we could have joined at more that 1.70 Euro to the Pound. Now the exchange rate is 1.10 Euro to the Pound (if you’re lucky) and falling fast. Who are the mugs..?
Maybe the Euro my arse..!

6). “Our military following the orders of foreign Eurocrats”.
There has NEVER been an official EU proposal to form a EU army. What was proposed was a European Defence Force, with all member countries cooperating in the event of en external threat. This is a bad thing why..? Although I suppose if your allegiances are with Russia you’d be against it.
Our military following the orders of foreign Eurocrats my arse..!

7). “Buying OUR fish off Spanish trawlers”.
The UK is allocated about 30% of the EU’s total catch even though it has only 13% of the total sea area. The UK exports 45% of its catch. 80% of that quantity goes to EU countries. For example 90% of fish landed in Ramsgate are sold in the Boulogne Fish Market – for 15% more in value than they would get at home. When you visit North East Scotland you see vast European registered refrigerated trucks driving south and many don’t stop until they reach France or Spain. UK fishing vessels fish in the waters of other EU countries. In addition to wider sovereign waters fishing rights UK fishermen have rights within the 6-12 mile limit of four other member states: Ireland, Germany, France and the Netherlands. For example trawlers out of Brixham exploit the valuable scallop stocks in the Baie de Seine. Trawlers out of Peterhead fish in Dutch and German waters. Many of the foreign vessels fishing in UK waters do so because the companies that own them bought from UK fishermen and with them the right to fish.
Buying OUR fish off Spanish trawlers my arse..!

Seemingly unsatisfied with projecting spectacular ignorance of the workings of – and the reasons for the EU, you now seen to be intent of sharing your expert knowledge on the operation and rules of the WTO.
I’ve stocked-up with popcorn, so off you go.

p.s. I explained all these things to my dog and he seems to have a better grasp of the mechanisms of the EU than you – AND I only had to explain it all to him once. His name’s Rupert and he’s a twenty-one month old Black Lab. Can he contact you on my behalf..?”

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