Isn’t it remarkable how many of Trump’s henchmen, whatever their crimes may have been against the democratic process, turn out to have been crooks in other ways? There must be a direct causal link between uncontrolled capitalism and crookery. In this way the present US government really does represent the culmination of the invisible and inevitable forces that are pulling us – via late-stage capitalism – either to our destruction, or to revolution. And I wouldn’t put much money on the latter.

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2 Responses to Crookery

  1. TJ says:

    Crookery of course has always existed in US politics, but even the biggest villains went to considerable lengths to hide their misdeeds, e.g. Nixon ( pardoned by Ford after being impeached) but now it doesn’t matter if misdeeds are revealed because they can be blamed on ‘false facts’ and the ‘lying media’ and countered by ‘alternative facts’. Welcome to Trumpland

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  2. There are precedents in US politics, of course, even or especially on the Democratic side: Joe Kennedy, father of JFK, was a classic robber baron with strong underworld connections. In the US the line between legitimate capitalism (and unionism) and its illegal analogues has long been blurred and the effects have reached into the highest levels of government. JFK’s association with Sinatra was a lingering remnant of the former’s Mafia connections. Trump may be a throwback to the robber baron era rather than a fresh abomination.

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