Sauce for the Gander

Has Labour got Machiavels on its side too – in order to counter the clever ‘anti-semitic’ slurs the Conservatives are putting out against Corbyn? If so they will doubtless have their eyes on Theresa May’s long spell as Home Secretary, when she famously ‘lost’ a file, compiled by Geoffrey Dickens MP, which was claimed to contain evidence of leading Tories’ organised paedophilic activities in the 1980s. (See One conspiracy theory has it that her Reverend Anglo-Catholic dad was somehow involved; but there’s no solid evidence for that. (What there is, is here:; it’s pretty thin, but why should that deter any unprincipled propagandist on the Labour side?) Anti-semitism is a vile accusation; but kiddy-fiddling might just trump it. Let’s see if it comes up.

But wouldn’t it be better if we could simply debate the issues? (Or ‘ishoos’, as Tony Benn used to call them.) I’m just now following the Swedish general election debates on SVT: civilized, rational and intelligent – certainly by comparison with ours..

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