The Turn of the Tide?

Encouraging news at last. (1) Students – intelligent young people most affected by the Brexit catastrophe – are planning a great new anti-Brexit campaign in the summer: 75% of under-25s (those who voted) voted ‘Remain’ in the referendum. (2) ‘Jewish Voice for Labour’ – the genuine (I hope) representative of Jews in the Labour Party – has come out firmly against the smear campaign against the Party for its alleged ‘anti-semitism’, with an excellent definition of genuine anti-semitism, uncoupling this vile prejudice from criticism of the state of Israel: (3) Home Office lies and scandals over Windrush are being revealed at last, in a trail of evidence that must in the end lead back to the present Prime Minister, who was – as Home Secretary – the original author of them: (4) The East Coast mainline is to be taken away from Virgin and restored to the public sector again, renaming it ‘LNER’, which is the name it had when I was a boy collecting (steam) train numbers on the pedestrian bridge over Gidea Park station in the 1950s: Does all this presage Spring? – Down, boy!

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  1. Even the royal wedding had a strong bi-racial theme, which would have infuriated the Brexiteers and Ukipers. The senior royals also deftly exposed their supreme rudeness and inability to conform to the norms of basic civility – which the aristocracy has always pretended to honour. Markle’s mother was left seated alone without a companion, Camilla hid her face from the prying eyes of the public with an inanely large hat contraption, Charles barely stifled a laugh during the sermon …..

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