Beyond Our Ken

There’s another demand this morning, by the new President of the Board of Deputies for British Jews, for Ken Livingstone to be expelled from the Labour Party for making a valid historical point: Shouldn’t this alarm all of us professional historians? And shouldn’t it also concern most reasonable Jews; for whom the continuation of this grossly misdirected campaign, on the same day as the state of Israel is shooting peaceful Palestinian protestors in Gaza, cannot do much to dampen what anti-semitism there may be in Britain.

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  1. TJ says:

    Corbyn was ill advised to make ‘concessions’ to jewish lobby groups because their definition of anti-semitism is so wide it includes anti Zionism, and seeks to conflate them to close down legitimate criticism of inhumane and illegal policies in Gaza and the West Bank. The suspicion is that the interests of jewish lobby groups and MPs in Labour Friends of Israel overlap, trying to weaken Corbyn and Labour until a more pro-Israeli and right wing leadership can replace him.

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