Soon to be a Swenglishman

I applied for Swedish citizenship just after the Brexit vote. It’s taken them nearly two years to get round to me. I’m told it’s because there were so many applications from Brits dispossessed of their European identity by that vote, and with Swedish connexions; on top of other (darker-skinned) refugees. The office was overwhelmed. But I was patient. Yesterday I got a letter from Migrationsverket asking me to send in my British passport. I hope that means I’ve been accepted. I’ll soon be a semi-Swede.

Brexiteers are always going on about ‘taking back control’. Funny; I felt that Brexit undermined that control. When I get my Swedish/European passport, I’ll be in control of my life again. So you can stuff it, you single-nationality Brits. You asked for it.

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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