‘We Will Never Let You Rule’

I was intending to post a comment on a widely quoted statement of Theresa May’s at Prime Minister’s Question Time a few days ago, but have since thought better of it. She was reported to have shouted over to Jeremy Corbyn: ‘We will never allow you to rule!’; which, for someone who has studied Establishment (including Secret Service) plots to undermine Labour governments in the 1920s and the 1960s by subversive means (see Robin Ramsay, Smear, 1992), struck me as reminiscent and somewhat menacing.

Anxious however, as any historian should be, to check my facts, I looked in Hansard and on Youtube for the offending words, and couldn’t find them. The nearest was her telling Corbyn, at the same PMQs: ‘We will never let it happen’; but referring, quite clearly, to letting the national debt rise while the Conservatives were in power. That’s an entirely different thing. A discussion on Facebook revealed that others had taken this the wrong way too.

It is, to be fair, in line with May’s authoritarian tendencies: viz her career at the Home Office. But it seems in fact – and unless anyone can come up with another reliable source – to be an example of ‘Fake News’; which we Leftists are always accusing the Right of making up for propaganda purposes, but in this case is either an invention or – at best – a mistake, by someone on the Left. Warning: don’t believe something just because you want to. That way lies Trumpery.

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7 Responses to ‘We Will Never Let You Rule’

  1. Mark says:

    I know it’s ‘late in the day’ in the day to add comment on this, but I remember May saying to Corbyn “We will never let you win” in PMQs. I’m not convinced by the above claim that this is about Fake News. Many remember seeing this. If it doesn’t appear in Hansard, the whole subject becomres more sinister, not less so.


  2. I believe it was “we will never let you win”, I have a very strong memory of her saying it, but there seems no record of it and I have searched a number of times for the evidence. I don’t see the fact that there is no evidence of it as meaning it didn’t happen, but something that perhaps reflects the sinister nature of the slip, evidence of it has been erased.


  3. Pat McGuirk says:

    I watched her say it.

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  4. Malcolm Kenward says:

    I remember it differently. She clearly stated words to the effect that they would never allow a Labour/Corbyn (can’t recall which) to win. I remember it because I was watching PMQs at the time and I was shocked by the statement, delivered with obvious venom, as I’ve commented elsewhere.

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  5. My comment is unrelated to the “We will never let you rule” post; however, I have just been viewing Fox News and the first cracks in the station’s support for Trump are now visible. I am convinced by the view that Fox is Trump’s last defence against political ruin. If Fox goes, then the Republican Party will turn against him.

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