Christianity and Anti-Immigration

Kajsa tells me – back here in Sweden – that the Sverigedemokraterna (right-wing anti-immigration party, with neo-Fascist historical roots) are trying to make themselves look more ‘moderate’ and respectable by taking on the defence of ‘Christianity’ as one of their policies. There’s already a Swedish Christian Democratic party, but that’s in decline, so I suppose the SDs are hoping to pick up some of its supporters.

I was brought up a Christian of the ‘gentle Jesus’ kind, and so can never understand Christianity’s being hitched to hateful right-wing causes. But then of course, politically speaking, there are two kinds of Christian: those who believe in its ethic and wish that to inform political events; and those to whom Christianity is simply a species of tribe, determining one’s identity and loyalty. I imagine that Theresa May’s, learned at her vicar father’s knee, must be of the latter kind. I certainly don’t recognise it from my childhood.

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