It’s That Man Again

Of course the other way of getting traction from a ‘Reichstag Fire’ (see last post) is to pretend that it happened, but that the lying liberal press are covering it up:; and:

Remember the ‘Bowling Green Massacre’?

On another related point: John Bercow’s announcement yesterday that if Trump accepted May’s invitation for a State visit later this year, he – as Speaker of the House – would not permit him to address the House of Commons (it’s in his gift) –

came as a surprise to everyone in Britain, and was welcomed, I think, by most of us, apart from the Right-wing press. The reasons Bercow gave were Trump’s racism and sexism, plus the ‘Muslim Ban’. Even more surprising to me – as your Sweden Correspondent – was that it made the top spot in last night’s STV News, with the Commons scene filmed and reported in full. That may do something to repair the British people’s reputation abroad. (Kajsa already thinks more of us.)

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