On the one hand, doping and betting scandals. And football still in the hands of quasi-criminal capitalists, paying their mercenary players obscenely high wages, and pricing loyal spectators out of their grounds. (See my earlier piece on this: Who was it who pointed out recently that you can see four operas for the price of an Arsenal ticket? Who are the ‘elitists’ now?

But then, look at Leicester City! A small, unfashionable club, with one star player loyal enough to sign a new 3-year contract with them, despite the blandishments of richer clubs – beating Man City away from home yesterday and flying at the top of the Premier League!

And – on another front – a South African cricket team now full of brilliant players who would have been excluded on the grounds of their colour just a few years ago!

Grounds for hope?

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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