Assange and the UN

Keep a scandal simmering for long enough, and people will get bored with it. That must be most people’s reaction to the latest news about the Assange case: a UN ruling that he has been ‘unlawfully detained’. He’s a funny-looking bloke, and hasn’t he been accused of rape? Why shouldn’t he go and face the music in Sweden about that? Well, my longish piece of about a year ago ( explains clearly why. I’ve nothing to add to that. It still stands. The UN ruling bears me out to the hilt. But do you think the British and Swedish governments will take any notice? Or will need to, in view of his semen-smeared reputation?

Fundamentally, the question was simple. Assange was perfectly willing to face trial either if he were questioned in the UK; or if the Swedish government would promise – which it is in their power to do – that he wouldn’t be re-extradited to the USA on Wikileaks-associated charges. One or other of those two things – not both. It is genuinely puzzling, and may also be suspicious, that those two very fair and straightforward requests weren’t met. Many Swedes think so too.

For the rest – the problems with the European Arrest Warrant, for example, and with the Swedish justice system – go to my earlier piece. I’m too bored to go over it yet again.

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