Homes from Home

In Britain they make conditions so dreadful for refugees that – or so Suella Braverman hopes – they’ll all be deterred from applying. So we get asylum seekers locked up in disease-ridden camps, or run-down B&Bs, or dumped in London railway termini, or flown off to an unsafe African country – if those Lefty lawyers will allow it – or left to themselves and the elements in flimsy rubber boats to drown in the English Channel.

Here in Sweden – which I believe has admitted far more foreign refugees per head of population than Britain – they do things differently; erecting new temporary homes with all mod cons, and state support, for them to live in while their asylum applications are being processed. Here’s a couple of a long row of them I photographed five years ago, out in the countryside, but only a short walk from a supermarket and other amenities. They’re now erecting some more on an old sports field across the road from where we live in Stockholm, with a children’s playpark attached to them. OK, so they’re not palaces, but are comfortable enough, and evidence of a degree of compassion that is unimaginable in our awful British Home Secretary.

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  2. John Evans says:

    Hello Bernard, We are now reaching the final turmoil of Thatcher’s outsourcing process – where the Government seeks to claim that all actions by so called public sector organisations are not the Government’s responsibility – the so called arms length becomes considerably longer…and the Government can conveniently demonise the unions actions etc – but this time, unlike the Miners in 1984 – the “public” are much more in sympathy with the NHS, RMT and the rest….we might hope that the public will remember this turmoil when an election is called. It is really crass negligence …… John E



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