I see I’ve been silent, blog-wise, for three weeks now. That’s easily explained. Covid-19 eventually caught up with me, followed by ‘long Covid’ – worse if anything, although not so chesty – and a week struggling to write a review of a huge book – over 800 closely-printed pages – which I’m not sure I did justice to in the circumstances. Then just exhaustion, and the old familiar ‘black dog’. About which I may blog later on; depression in general, that is, not just mine. Taster: I think depressed is the only healthy way to be, these days.

Off back to Sweden on Friday. Where I shall be able to see a doctor, at long last.

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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2 Responses to Post-Covid

  1. John Evans says:

    Bernard, Further to my earlier message, I found the article again – today’s Guardian Weekend mag …it is an article called “Why you shouldn’t try to be happy”…..suggesting, as I did that Mill, Locke and co were not entirely on the right track……the author is a philosophy prof from MIT – to quote”….We should n to aim at happiness, then, …but try to live as well as we can…..” It’s an interesting, and the authors’ book is called : Life is Hard: How philosophy can help its find our way

    Worth a look…..having been through a couple of Stephen Pinker’s and A C Grayling books on the same subject, worth an alternative look.

    Take care.

    John E


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  2. John Evans says:

    Bernard, Enjoy Sweden again….there is a telling little piece about “happiness” in today’s Guardian – Locke, Mill and Bentham may have got it all wrong….’happiness’ is derived from the actions we take and other behaviours – there is no state of happiness with actions….. I keep warding it off by all kinds of community based volunteering and the like – but it is easy to slip away…. John



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