The End?

From my favourite American doomster.

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6 Responses to The End?

  1. She waited until Boris left office.


  2. It is a pity that Liz Truss is a real person performing the role of prime minister in the real world of the UK. Otherwise she would be an amusing and entertaining – though somewhat improbable – character in a TV series.


  3. Tony says:

    An amusing rant, although right about some things, but how to be so sanguine about US? It’s largely self-sufficient in energy and rich enough to override most economic storms, unlike the UK. But all the street demos and uprisings did nothing to stop Trump, just encouraged him and his supporters..


  4. John Evans says:

    Hello Bernard, Who is this person “Umair” – who is writing this dangerous ‘who cares’ stuff? He is wide of the mark – as there are millions of people in Britain who do care. He supplies no back-up evidence for his claim about covid deaths, and no back up evidence about millions of people not caring. There are people ‘who care’ – from Andy Turnham, through Ed Davey to humble local councils who are trying to make their way through the morass of ghastly Tory misrule. The ones who do not care are the lunatic MPs, UKIP supporters and the very rich – the Ineos boss, the Dyson of this world, the Murdochs and appalling Rees Mogg….they are not to be listened to, nor the repeaters of their swords like this person Umair. They are not representative. Where is his evidence? John



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