From Over the Pond

Our American cousins have it about right. (Boris was born there, of course.)

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3 Responses to From Over the Pond

  1. mickc says:


    Isn’t this just another article about the working class being so stupid that they fall for lies from “toffs”…that really they are just Fascists and need to be controlled by the more intelligent, just all round better people like, for instance, the writer?

    How about they actually believe in democracy and were so pist off that their “betters” (and what a laugh that is!) tried to ignore the result of the Referendum that they voted for the only person who said they would get it done?

    And having got it done, they don’t care about Boris…or who leads the Tories or Labour (well it was the Labour party once upon a time…Corbyn’s attempt to get it back there having been destroyed by the same people who wanted to ignore the Referendum result, Starmer being a prime example…).

    What “the people” want is competent government which they can vote out when the inevitable cock-up happens. Clearly the EU didn’t fulfill those conditions. Regrettably most Western governments don’t either; no matter what you vote, you get the same. It is the end of democracy in the West; we’ll come to regret it.


    • The point of the article is that the UK voters who opted for Brexit and Boris made a big mistake. They were sucked in by lies and they were ignorant of the consequences of what they were doing. A lot of those who voted Leave and for Boris were members of the working class, and there were a lot of middle-class voters on that side as well. If it were true that the “people” wanted ‘competent government’ they would not have voted for Boris, whose incompetence was hardly a secret for anyone paying attention.


      • mickc says:

        Of course the people want competent government. I doubt anyone expected it from Johnson. They did expect that he would get Brexit done, ie do what they voted for, whether it is a mistake or not. And he did do it.
        What “the people” now want is the cost of living crisis dealt with. Whichever Party puts forward a credible plan to do so will win the next General Election.


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