More of the Same

This bloke again. I’ve just discovered him. He’s really good. (OK. Overstates his case. But still…)

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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2 Responses to More of the Same

  1. Reading Colm Toibin’s excellent historical novel, The Magician, which follows the life of Thomas Mann, it is interesting how he drastically under-rates the threat posed by Hitler’s emergence, even while viewing developments from the vantage point of Munich.
    Perhaps a book has already been written about this phenomenon; however, the catastrophes of the last century or so appear to have been – notwithstanding a few notable outliers – ‘under-predicted’ to a very significant extent.
    And this under-predicting is itself a contributor to the unfolding of the shocking events.


  2. Overstates? What will the US be like if Trump or his avatar wins in November 2024?


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