Homes for Refugees

I offered my UK house to a refugee family a couple of weeks ago, and should have someone coming around to vet both the house and me shortly. Obviously I had Ukrainians in mind at the time, but they can come from anywhere. I don’t suppose they’ll be aware of Hull’s reputation, so that shouldn’t put them off. (In any case it can’t be worse than Kyiv just now.) Otherwise it should be perfect for them: a largish old terrace house in a nice part of town which could sleep a family of two adults and two children easily (along with me and Kajsa when she comes), with shops, schools and public transport nearby; and a host who has actually written a book about Refugees! (In the 19th century, granted; but still…)

I’m grateful to Michael Gove for the offer of £350 a month if I’m accepted as a ‘host’, but I don’t really need it. Getting to know these people will be reward enough. I might also ask them if they could introduce me to some Ukrainian cuisine. I have no idea what that will be like.

I suspect that Priti Patel will be gone soon. But more on the grounds of her incompetence than of her cruelty and quasi-fascism. Which only go to show that however charitable you are to refugees, you can’t depend on their offspring displaying the same charity.

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2 Responses to Homes for Refugees

  1. Good on you, Bernard; that is a great thing to do.
    Re the cuisine of Ukraine: I was disappointed to discover that chicken Kiev originated in the Muscovy region of the old Empire and was only perfected by a chef from Ukraine.


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