And here we go. (Morning of the 24th.) Is this the consummate chess master’s deep game? It would explain Trump and Brexit too, of course.

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2 Responses to Checkmate

  1. A chillingly plausible analysis. Perhaps over-rating, for rhetorical purposes, the role played by Russia in getting Trump elected and the UK out of the EU. The anti-democrats in the US don’t need prompting from Russia; they have been preparing their toxic brew before Putin took control of the Russian state.

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  2. John Evans says:

    We all lived through Hungary – 1956 – Czechoslovakia – 1968 – it is significant that Putin uses the word “de-nazification” – he needs to be reminded that even Walter Ulbricht welcomed Von Paulus back to Dresden to live his life out in East Germany……which is what Putin thinks the whole world should look like….as it is the only world he understands and can manipulate?
    It’s a dangerous day, and days ahead – “the West” must be very careful of its reaction as Putin’s finger is clearly on ‘the trigger’.

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