Country of the Damned

If you saw these pics on a poster outside a cinema, you’d know what sort of movie you were in for, wouldn’t you?

PS (for those who may not have recognised them, like the Facebook editor who declined the post because, I think, he assumed the boy pic was a reference to paedophilia):

The Count Dracula figure on the top left is in fact Jacob Rees-Mogg, our new Minister for pointing out the benefits of Brexit (if he can find any); the Rosa Kleb-like figure by his side is (or was) his old nanny, whom he used to take out canvassing with him (is that a coffin behind her?); and the boy at the bottom is Boris Johnson as a child: in whose dead, alien, Midwich-cuckoo eyes I think we can already see the self-regarding and entitled amoralism he has become notorious for as an adult. A Pantheon of horror-movie characters; as British readers of course won’t have needed to be told. This PS is just for you furriners.

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3 Responses to Country of the Damned

  1. Very amusing, Bernard; however, we should be wary of blaming the nurse.
    The photo of Boris shows that Eton was not required to instil a sense of wanton entitlement.

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  2. John Evans says:

    Hello Bernard, Spare a few thoughts for us in the Country of the Damned. We are fed the most appalling junk every night – even by news media that try to stem the tide of lies. I am not sure who the “Rosa Kleb” figure is in the top photo?

    By a separate email I will reply to your previous personal note about Brentwood – not a complete disaster….just the hangover from Jim Rennie’s treatment.

    I am looking forward to your book….I have been giving the “Absent Minded…” plenty of plugs on a Future learn course I have been following.

    Can you get UK TV channels across in Sweden? Alice Roberts “Digging for Britain” on the archeology of our history is a small chink of light….in the darkness…..One has to be optimistic, or at least a stoic, while the times are so bad! heaven help us all when HMQ dies…..a ghastly interval with Charles, and then a lot of people are pinning plenty of hopes on William !!!

    Has the Sun returned to Sweden/Stockholm yet? What news on the re-arming of Gotland?


    John E


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