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What do you think? Bloomsbury obviously didn’t take to my recommendation of Boris in a hard hat and holding Union Jacks suspended helplessly over the Olympic stadium (you must have seen it); and have have come out with these suggestions.

I don’t like the teapots at all. The Bloomsbury people prefer no. 2 – the torn flag.  I’d prefer no. 3 – the Palace of Westminster under a glowering sky; but with the sky looking a bit more glowering, and perhaps the torn flag superimposed over the left of the image.  Any opinions?

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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6 Responses to Book Cover

  1. Same for me. Just a blank space.

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  2. Robert Loughrey says:

    It looks like the link is private, so won’t open to anyone except you, professor. Unless the new cover is a pure white page?

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  3. John Evans says:

    Oh dear, it wont open for me, on a Mac…! John


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