Down in the Dumps

Is it a symptom of a real depression when England are swept away by Australia in the first Test, and West Ham are beaten 2-0 by Arsenal, both within a couple of days – and I really don’t care?

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3 Responses to Down in the Dumps

  1. I was pleased to watch England hang on for a draw at the end of the Sydney Test. It adds some small measure of dignity to an otherwise indecorous series.

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    • Yes indeed. It also demonstrates what a remarkable game cricket is: when even a draw in a ‘dead rubber’ can maintain such interest and excitement. I found that Americans – for whom ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ are all – could never understand the appeal of ‘draws’.

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  2. In the case of the Test cricket, neither side has been able to prepare adequately due to COVID, and the matches are being staged merely because ‘the show must go on’. Not taking the results seriously is a sign of good judgement rather than depression.
    Also, in the second Test, a kind of handicap system has been instituted with Cummins and Hazlewood coming out of Australia’s line-up, which should make it possible for England to achieve a draw.

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