K-Y Jelly

A whole programme on Swedish TV last night about Boris. Not complimentary, indeed the reverse, very mocking, quite humorous; but making the suggestion that laughter is a good way of easing in authoritarian rule. (The K-Y Jelly of politics?) Which seems to be happening. Is this deliberate?

He’ll need a lot more jelly to get him out of his present scrape. It seems amazing that after all his other crimes, ineptitude and moral failings it might be a Christmas party a year ago that brings him down. Might. But he’s a slippery creature. We’ll see.

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4 Responses to K-Y Jelly

  1. ‘I Need Women’, and now ‘K-Y Jelly’: a bit of theme seems to be developing.
    The rules of the political game have changed radically in the Anglophone countries in recent years. What were once ‘hanging offences’ are now easily shrugged off or, perversely, count in favour of the miscreant, because a fair slice of the electorate applauds the disrespect shown to what was once conventional morality.

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  2. Robert says:

    Dunno, I worry that it’s what the Australians call “a spill” – a concentrated deliberate campaign from within his own ranks, a naked power grab by another faction of his own party and nothing to do with Johnson or his policies per se. The right-wing tabloids are leading the attack: Labour seems to be just hanging onto their coat-tails. I worry that we’ll wake up with a new PM, the party and the press will swing behind them claiming the bad old days are over, and the Conservatives will win another election. It happened when Johnson ousted May, and arguably Brexit itself had nothing to do with the EU but was entirely a power struggle within the conservative party. Could anyone be that cynical? Well, Johnson has proven cynicism and lying works, and the Conservative Party cares about winning much more than they care about money. Meanwhile the political culture has been poisoned for a decade, because moral corruption – like financial – is easy to acquire but hard to lose. And Lord forbid, five years from now, Labour decides that in order to win it too must stoop to the same low standards, that before it can wield power it must acquire it and so that therefore it must itself become a party of lying and cynicism. Hmmm – bad times ahead..

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      • Robert says:

        Well who knows how conscious it is, but it certainly appears that some Conservatives regard Democracy as a weapon: something they use to destroy their opponents rather than the ultimate source of authority. Perhaps it’s always been thus, and just now they’re better at wielding that weapon. (Or perhaps everything is fine and I should stop reading blogs like yours…)

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