Back Again?

After weeks of being confronted only by the ‘White Screen of Death’ whenever I try to post a new blog, and being ripped off by shops offering ‘Laptop Repairs’ but then f*cking the thing up even worse when I take mine in to them for help, I may at last have solved the problem; or, rather, Kajsa may have solved it for me, by suggesting that I change my browser (is that the word?) from Safari to Firefox. This is just a test posting, to see if it works. Comments to this effect will be gratefully received.

Whether I can catch up with all the extraordinary things that have been happening on the British political scene (and others) during the couple of months I’ve been away I rather doubt. But I’ll try.

I’ve finally signed the contract with Bloomsbury for ‘The Book’, if anyone’s wondering. New Title: Britain’s Contested History. Lessons for Patriots. – It wasn’t my favourite, but my excellent publisher thought that my suggestions – A Patriot’s Guide to British History, and ‘We Used to Rule Half the World, Didn’t We?’ Myth and Reality – might be misleading. (As they were intended to be.) It should be out in the summer. £20.

More in a few days.

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Retired academic, author, historian.
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5 Responses to Back Again?

  1. Neil SHADDICK says:

    Good to know you’re back


  2. ‘We Used to Rule Half the World, Didn’t We?’ Myth and Reality. That’s the best title, in my opinion.

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  3. John Evans says:

    Dear Mr Porter, Bernard…you have certainly missed some interesting, but depressing events. To put it in a nutshell: Does any other State, apart from the USA, have experience of quite such an appalling Prime Minister as we in the UK suffer at the moment. When will it end. Take care Best regards John Evans



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