Fàilte gu Alba

Wasn’t this a sight for sore liberal eyes yesterday? Priti Patel’s evil regime being resisted by honest Glaswegians intent on rescuing their immigrant ‘neighbours’ from incarceration and/or deportation: just as they had used to in olden days? (See my The Refugee Question in Mid-Victorian Politics.)


Is this just Scotland? Or just Glasgow, perhaps. I know there’s not the same feeling there against immigration that there is in parts of England. They need more people. And, really, shouldn’t they be allowed to decide their own migration policies themselves? Another argument for Scottish independence, perhaps, freeing them finally from the tyranny of our proto-fascist government in England, and enabling them to become friends with Europe again.

Of course if that happens they might be inundated by a less welcome wave of immigration – of Sassenachs fleeing to escape the same tyranny. We’ll see whether they extend the same hospitality to us. I know at least one person who’s made the move already. I’ll have to ask him.

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2 Responses to Fàilte gu Alba

  1. Neil SHADDICK says:

    The more immoderate they sound, the more clear-sighted your posts are – certainly from the relative safety (long distance) of NZ.. There are, no doubt, more people overseas urging, willing, the Scots on to embrace independence than there are voters in Scotland determined to defeat it but that our convictions don’t matter two hoots to those in the voting booth won’t deter us from cheering loudly (immoderately) from the side lines!

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  2. Tony says:

    Yes, the contrast between Scots and English attitudes to immigration helps explain their respective Brexit/ Remain voting. As Patel knows, ‘tough’ (i.e., inhumane) immigration policies are popular with the new Tory Brexit voters, and apparently ‘Britannia Unchained’ requires no ‘unnecessary foreigners’ sullying this green and pleasant land, except when low paid dirty jobs need doing. But it was May, the vicar’s daughter, who created the Home Office culture in her six years there with the Windrush scandal and scare tactics reminiscent of early Nazi Germany.


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