The Spectre of Fascism

The possibility of a form of Fascism’s seizing hold of Britain and the USA soon – if it hasn’t done so already – used to be dismissed and even ridiculed as Leftist alarmism. Now it’s being taken more seriously. Here’s a current American analysis – if you can get it up. (I had to subscribe to do so.)

I wonder how many Republicans have read Nietzsche?

Today in the UK they’re about to have a debate in parliament on Priti Patel’s new police bill, which among other things would – apparently; I’ll have to check after the debate – ban even peaceful demonstrations if they are noisy, and would make damaging a statue subject to more serious penalties than physically attacking a woman.

Priti really is a witch! (Or is that sexist? Or mediaevalist?)

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  1. Tony says:

    The UK government is taking populist elements of a fascistic nature to push back at what it sees as the agenda of identity politics and to wage the culture war more vigorously. All its actions are ‘validated’ by opinion polling, as it does little without them, or convenient such as breaching international law and illegally proroguing parliament. Have the English become socially fascistic? I never thought so and even hesitate now, but an alarming tendency seems to have gripped many outside the large metropolitan areas, a sense of victimhood and blaming the young (for it is generational), the metro elite, the EU and any number of other targets for their sense of grievance, including demonstrators who pull down statues. The strategy is also aimed at drawing Labour into these ‘wars’, which perhaps it should avoid except where civil liberties are being curtailed.

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