is up and running, rather to my surprise – I hope its employment practices meet Swedish trade union standards – and is the only supplier I can find here that can provide me with a particular item I want: a 23 year-old book co-authored by Jacob Rees Mogg’s father, which Alastair Campbell claims explains the deep-laid strategy of today’s leading Brexiteers. 

Now that Johnson has ‘got Brexit done’, we can see whether the book’s prediction comes true. It’s called The Sovereign Individual, and broadly speaking appears to be a template for a ‘New’ anarcho-liberal non-State. That figures. Could it be called a ‘conspiracy’, too? Here’s Campbell’s summary:

If is to be trusted, the book should reach our island tomorrow. Interestingly, when I ordered it, already had all my details from my account.

We’ve got the champagne in; so at midnight CET tomorrow we can celebrate both the New Year, and Britain’s liberation from the Beast of Brussels. It will be good to do it from 915 miles away.

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