A Prediction

Historians, if they are wise, don’t make predictions because they know how unpredictable the past has often been. Despite this I’m going to make one now, and a very vulnerable one, because it could be disproved in the next day or two. 

This is it. Boris will come back with a ‘deal’ with the EU. It won’t be a very good one, but it will be presented in the Tory press as a triumph of statesmanship. They’ve already prepared the ground for this by painting the Europeans as vicious obstructionists, with whom any agreement, however feeble, can be presented as a diplomatic triumph. Boris needs that; diplomacy has always been his weakest suit – viz. his time as Foreign Secretary – which needs, therefore, to be strengthened. The dutiful ExpressMail and Telegraph can help him here. Neville Chamberlain’s ‘piece of paper’ comes to mind.

Or not; in which case, of course, the nasty Europeans can be blamed. Let’s see, over the next couple of days (or so).

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4 Responses to A Prediction

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  2. You got it right, Bernard.

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  3. Tony says:

    Quite likely, and hopefully Labour will abstain, and let the Tories have sole ownership of this disaster, and the spend the next years four pinning the blame clearly where it belongs until reality begins to bite, and some of those ‘Blue Wall’ seats might will turn Red again.

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  4. My own opinion is that the only people who will benefit from the Covid 19 pandemic are Farage, Boris, Gove, and the rest of the Livid Leavers. When brexit goes horribly wrong, they’ll be able to say (and they will) ‘it would have been alright if the pandemic hadn’t happened’. Or maybe ‘the NHS would have benefited by £350m a week, but we’ve had to spend it on fighting the coronavirus’.
    I also noticed the similarity with Neville Chamberlain and wrote about it here: https://tomkeith.wordpress.com/2020/11/26/plus-ca-change/

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