The Consolation of Failure

From what I can gather from over here in the land of snow and ice – we had our first flurry of sleet this morning – Boris may be heading for a fall quite soon, with his craven incompetence plain for all to see, and Spitting Image gearing up to wield the final satirical blow.

It has occurred to me that perhaps he won’t mind all that much. He’s achieved his life’s ambition, after all, which was simply to become prime minister, not to do anything in the role; knows that he has thereby established his name in the history books; and so needn’t bother with the hard effort of it any longer. The policy-wonk behind him, Dominic Cummings, would get on just as well under Michael Gove, who will probably succeed Boris as PM, and who would certainly take Cummings on. If all you want in life is fame, then notoriety as the worst Premier in British history is as good as anything, and maybe even better if it means he doesn’t have to work for it.

After all, everyone’s heard of Ed Wood. (If not, look him up.)

About bernardporter2013

Retired academic, author, historian.
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