Had some shocking news yesterday. Went to my Swedish doctor – Sara, a very young woman, looked about 17, but I imagine she must be properly trained – to be told that I am perfectly well (for my age), all life signs normal, heart, pulse, bloods etc., apart from a bit of excess glucose in my blood; and that I haven’t got Lyme Disease. You can imagine the blow that was to me. I desperately wanted a diagnosis that would justify my laziness – ‘poor old bugger, he’s got xxxxxx, you know’ – and of course some PILLS. Instead all I got was a recommendation to take more exercise, which was the last thing I wanted to hear, especially with Kajsa in the room with us. But what does Sara know? She’s only an expert after all, and we know what we think of ‘experts’, don’t we, Michael Gove?

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  1. As of 1 November, the Swedish model for dealing with COVID is looking sick, unfortunately. The failure of relevant authorities to insist on mask-wearing looms as nothing short of perversity. Fauci in the US suggests that masks are about as effective as a vaccine.

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