Incompetence and Evil

Two things we can say about the present UK government are that it is (a) incompetent, and (b) evil. Its level of incompetence is undeniable, as illustrated by the last (plagiarised) blog I posted. The evil may lie more in the eye of this Leftish beholder, personally inclined to regard unfettered capitalism and incipient Fascism in this light. Usually one would expect these two qualities – incompetence and evil – to cancel each other out. Evil is generally competent, if nothing else, with incompetence leaving it easily counteracted. 

In this case, however, the one may mask the other pretty effectively. Look at what is being done by the government presently to turn us into an authoritarian state: undermining the checks and balances in our constitution, neutering Parliament, seeking to forbid left-wing books, education and even humour, deliberately flouting international law and abrogating Human Rights legislation, indulging in levels of corruption unseen since the days of the East India Company, using means of propaganda beyond even the wettest dreams of Josef Goebbels, appealing to the worst instincts and prejudices of the misled masses; and all in the service of what appears to be a new (or new-ish) authoritarian turn in our historical development, reminiscent of the time of James I, or the old British Empire at its worst. 

And yet – and this is my point – all the public attention just now is directed to the Government’s incompetences, especially in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, where its mis-steps are scarcely credible, and ministers widely and openly ridiculed for their criminal confusion and lack of grasp. Here’s one well-known example:

Concentrating on the plague is of course understandable, with our all being so frightened of it. Except, that is, those who don’t believe in it – think it’s a ‘hoax’ – who generally, incidentally, come from the political Right themselves. But that – ‘conspiracy theories’ – is another thing distracting the rest of us from the real  conspiracy taking shape under our noses; which is the one represented by Cummings and Gove, and fuelled by our right-wing press, to restore governmental ‘authority’ to our politics, anti-democratically, and to the advantage of those who have been exercising that authority for centuries. (Look out for Gove, by the way. Despite his silly cod-like visage, he may be the most dangerous of them all. He’s a buddy of Murdoch’s.)

Could this be part of the subtle plot? Hide all this under the laughable mistakes of the government, and behind the faces of clowns – none more clown-like than Boris, even without Matt Lucas’s assistance; with the deliberate intention of disarming us, and so giving ‘Evil’ a free run. I wouldn’t put it past Cummings, an emissary of Evil if ever there was one.

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4 Responses to Incompetence and Evil

  1. The recent announcement about Trump’s positive COVID test counts strongly in favour of your linking of evil with incompetence.
    And yet it is not impossible that this October surprise might perversely rebound in Trump’s favour, if his symptoms prove to be undetectable, or negligible. Or if Trump has infected Biden in the course of the debate, and it is the latter who succumbs. At this historical juncture, fictional scenarios are often no more improbable that what actually transpires.

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  2. Tony says:

    This government is run by a group of ex-right-wing journalists, public school and Oxbridge, and their incompetence is partly due to an utter lack of experience at doing anything else. Their mendacity is also partly explained by the fact that for so long they were the mouthpieces of the press barons they served so loyally and who rewarded them so richly. This laid the ground for their current anti-EU, ant-BBC, anti- judiciary, anti-parliamentary, and anti-civil service etc policies, and the so called ‘liberal establishment’

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  3. “Evil is generally competent, with incompetence leaving it easily counteracted.”
    Hitler and Mussolini made catastrophically bad decisions, in a more-or-less systematic way. The histories of the Great Leap Forward and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution reveal incompetence of unimaginable proportions. Stalin’s pre-War maladministration – collectivisation, the Great Purge – were masterpieces of incompetence. Were these evils easily counteracted? I do not think so.
    A more up-to-date picture would include the case of Trump. The story of how easy he is to get rid of is yet to be written.

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